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Established in 1983 by the Singapore Hotel Association, SHATEC’s inception was instrumental in developing a skilled tourism workforce for Singapore to meet the demands of a burgeoning tourism industry. Today, SHATEC has distinguished itself as one of Asia’s most recognised hospitality schools with many of its 30,000 strong alumni from more than 20 countries helming key positions in the hospitality and tourism industry around the world. 

The Sapling – A Training Restaurant for SHATEC students

SHATEC helps its students grow through the provision of experienced and skilled trainers, a dynamic approach to learning, well-equipped facilities and a conducive environment for information exchange.

Our students at SHATEC begin their journey with us as saplings. With the right nutrients, they grow quickly, developing into young plants and then maturing into strong trees, sturdy and able to withstand the various winds and storms in life.

The Sapling is a training restaurant set up by SHATEC and it exists for a simple reason – to provide our students with real-life experiences where they get to hone their craft, learn to think on their feet and to strengthen their confidence in dealing with the different situations that may happen in a restaurant. This period of intensive practical training moulds them and prepares them for a bright career in the hospitality industry.

The Sapling reflects SHATEC’s vision for its students – to begin as saplings but to mature into magnificent trees. It is our hope for these big trees to then serve as nurturing influences to new young and aspiring plants, lending them a hand in their sapling-to-tree journey, and to continue the cycle of succession to constantly renew talent pool for the culinary and hospitality scene.

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