Featured Cake


Earl Grey White Chocolate Mousse, with Earl Grey Poached Pear and Chocolate Sponge

Perfect for every occasion. Milk chocolate and chocolate sponge paired with earl grey tea infused cream makes every bite luscious and velvety. Each slice comes complete with a satisfying crunch from a bit of pear.

Price - $45

Creative Selections


Layers of Joconde (almond sponge cake), with Matcha Syrup, Chocolate Ganache and Matcha Buttercream

Price - $32


Passionfruit Coconut Mousse, with Vanilla Sponge and Passionfruit Creme

Price - $32


Raspberry Cream Cheesecake - Cream Cheese Mousse with Raspberry Jelly and Almond Crumble Base

Price - $45


Yuzu and White Chocolate Mousse with Chocolate Sponge

Price - $32


Hazelnut Mascarpone Mousse Cake, with Chocolate Praline Mousse, Coffee Syrup, Coffee Cremeux and Vanilla Sponge

Price - $45

Classic Selections

“New York, New York”

Baked Cream Cheesecake from the BIG Apple!
Price – $45 (Cake Wt. 1100g)

“Pick Me Up!”

Classical Italian Tiramisu with Savoyard Biscuit!
Price – $45 (Cake Wt. 1100g)

“Gateau Opera”

Layered Chocolate, Coffee Cream and Almond Biscuit Parisian Cake!
Price – $32 (Cake Wt. 1100g)

“Flaming Red Velvet”

Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting!
Price – $32 (Cake Wt. 1100g)

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